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Louët Erica Table Loom


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Louët Erica Table Loom

More Erica’s including a new 50cm version will be available in late February/early March 2018.

The Erica is a new compact table loom from Louët that has just been launched in November 2017.  The Erica provides a great entry level loom to multi-shaft weaving at a price that compares with a good quality rigid heddle loom.

The Erica has a 30 cm (11 ¾“) weaving width and is an attractive alternative to a rigid heddle loom: easy to operate, with a more even warp tension and a large shed of 4.5 cm (1 ¾”) plus you will have flexibility in the number of threads per cm. The basic version comes as a 2 shaft loom but there is also the option to expand it to 3 or 4 shafts.

The loom is made of unlacquered beech and laminated birch. It is supplied complete with built-in raddle, stainless steel reed (40/10 - 10dpi), 200 Texsolv heddles, stainless steel lease- and tie-up sticks and warp strips.  The loom is also designed to conveniently fold for storage or transport. Please note that all Ericas are supplied with 200 150mm heddles as standard - if you require more heddles for the 4 shaft or 50cm versions then these can be ordered here.

Please note that the Erica is supplied as a flat-pack kit which requires assembly, with full instructions included. 

By supplying as a flat-pack and with a natural unlacquered finish, this is one of the main reasons that Louet have been able to keep the cost low for a multi-shaft loom. As the wood used is unfinished you may need to sand back to remove rough edges and splinters and then wax or lacquer to finish if you wish. At Weft Blown we think that it is a fairly straightforward build but would advise that you set aside around half a day to complete the construction and possibly a bit longer if you are less confident at assembling from a kit. We are always here to help too if you have any questions when you are building your loom.

At Weft Blown we have also put together a Table Loom Accessory Pack of useful weaving tools that will help those new to table loom weaving have everything they need to get going with their loom.

On Louët's website you can find instructions on how to build the Erica and instructions on how to warp, thread and weave on the Erica loom.

If you are new to multi-shaft weaving we would recommend investing in a good instructional book.

Also available in early 2018 will be a floor stand for both sizes of the Erica plus separate one shaft extension packs to expand the 2 shaft version to 3 or 4 shafts. A carry bag for the 30cm Erica will be available later into 2018.




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