Louët Lisa Frame Loom

Brand: Louet

Louët Lisa Frame Loom

This tapestry loom is really great for creating textile art pieces! Available in four sizes, the smallest one is perfect for a low cost first venture into weaving.

Each loom is supplied as an easy-to-build kit with clear instructions in English and the small version is complete with a stick shuttle and a pick-up stick.

The small version has approximately 3 notches per inch allowing up to 6 or 7 ends per inch although 3 EPI is recommended for an easier-to-work warp

The medium, large and extra large sizes are made with standard Louët raddle segments allowing up to around 10 or 11 ends per inch although 4 EPI is generally recommended. The Extra Large version has a stand which allows the loom to sit upright on a table. 

  • Small (20 x 25cm)
  • Medium (40 x 60cm)
  • Large (50 x 75cm)
  • Extra Large (60 x 90cm)

Please note that the medium, large and extra large do not include a stick shuttle which needs to be purchased separately if you require one. The Schacht 3-in1 Magic Stick is also a great tool for tapestry weaving. Yarn is not supplied with these looms.