Schacht Easel Weaver Kit

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Schacht Easel Weaver Kit

The Schacht Easel Weaver loom kit has everything you need to get started weaving.

Each kit includes:

  • An Easel Weaver Loom (available in 6", 8", or 10" weaving width)
  • Shed Stick
  • Weaving Stick (9" or 11" depending on loom size)
  • Plastic Beater
  • Plastic Shuttle
  • Plastic Weaving Needle

The Easel Weaver is designed to be either held in your hand or propped up on a table using the built-in stand. The Stand can be positioned to suit any angle to make your weaving more comfortable. Made of quality maple plywood with sturdy warp teeth and can be warped at either 6 or 12 epi. Non-slip rubber feet keep the loom in place while warping and weaving. Some assembly is required.

Maurice Brassard 8/4 Cotton is perfect to use for warp thread for this loom.