TinyTURTLE™ Hexagon Pin Loom Kit - 2" (Gen 2)

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TinyTURTLE™ Hexagon Pin Loom Kit - 2" (Gen 2)

This is the loom to make the Colored Fish pillow in the "Easy Weaving with Little Looms" Winter 2022 issue.

The TURTLE looms bring patented continuous strand hexagon weaving to pin loom weavers. The unique design of this loom combines two weaving methods to make the weaving of plain weave or tabby hexagons possible. Add beads, or patterns like twill, and the possibilities are endless.

This listing is for the second generation "Gen 2" loom, with headless pins and yds/wraps information on the back.

The TinyTURTLE™ measures 2" side to side, and it only takes about 2 yards of worsted weight yarn to weave a hexagon, in a number of minutes.

The TinyTURTLE™ is perfect to make items that are smaller or require smaller units. For example, a TinyTURTLE™ hexagon makes a unique earring, or two hexagons make a cute little Pet Puff™. You can also make nice appliques for your clothing. Or you can make more complex quilt designs ... probably not as elaborate as the traditional English Paper Piecing Quilts, but close!

The loom is made of quality Birch plywood, finished beautifully with two coats of traditional clear Shellac, sealed with satin Poly. The hexagon weaving area measures 2” side-to-side, and each of the six hexagon sides measures a little over 1”.

The loom kit contains:
1 original TinyTURTLE™ loom
1 4.5" locker hook 4mm size
1 project storage bag (colors may vary)
1 instructions booklet (1 booklet per order)