Louët Bobbin Winder


Louët Bobbin Winder is currently out of stock. If you place an order this item will be backordered with our supplier. Imported items may be delayed in early 2021 due to leaving the EU single market.

Louët Bobbin Winder

The bobbin winder is useful for winding yarn onto pirns/bobbins for boat shuttles. This is the bobbin winder of choice at Weft Blown!

The Louët bobbin winder is designed for use with paper pirns but is also compatible with the other makes sold by Weft Blown (Ashford and Schacht).

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee compatibility with other makes but for pirns/bobbins that have a larger centre hole than the rod on the winder, such as Schacht bobbins, these can be held in place to rotate with the winder by using a small amount of blutack or similar. The minimum diameter of the rod is 3.5mm.