Louët Weaving Bench

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Louët Weaving Bench

Louët produce a range of benches designed for use with their looms. A standard bench is available for use with the Jane, Klik, David, Spring and Magic Dobby and separate benches are made for the Octado and Delta and Megado looms. Please specify which loom the bench is for using the options shown.

Bench Heights:

Jane, Klik, David, Spring, Magic Dobby: 57cm (22 3/8")
Octado: (23 1/4"-28 3/8")
Delta, Megado: 59-72 cm (23 1/4"-28 3/8")

Product image shows the Delta/Megado bench with the extra Bench Tilting Kit. This additional kit allows you to angle the bench to a more ergonomic angle for a better posture while weaving and is only available for the Delta/Octado and Megado benches.