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Sunset Handwoven Shetland Wool Blanket




Sunset Shetland Wool Blanket

Handwoven by Weft Blown

The stunning colours at sunset are the inspiration behind this shetland wool blanket handwoven by Weft Blown.

The ability of the sky to change colour always fascinates me, especially at the end of daylight hours as the sun descends over the horizon.

Being on the west coast of Scotland and able to look out over Arran I have witnessed stunning views of the sun dipping over Arran and the sky becoming alight with host of warming colours.

This Sunset Blanket is inspired by such a vivid display of colour with yellows, oranges, pinks and purples intermingling with the blue sky behind.

I have handwoven this blanket on my Louët Delta floor loom using 100% Shetland Wool that is sourced from the Shetland Isles.

It is 1.0m wide by 1.5m long so perfect for snuggling under.

You can also buy matching cushions to go with the blanket and there is even an Armchair Set where you can save money by buying the cushions and blankets together.

To look after your blanket hand wash it in cool water, iron whilst damp and lay flat to dry.

Handwoven in Scotland.

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