Cirrus Handwoven Shetland Wool Cushion

Brand: Weft Blown

Cirrocumulus Shetland Wool Cushion

Handwoven by Weft Blown

The high level cirrocumulus cloud floating against the deep blue sky is the inspiration behind this handwoven Shetland wool cushion by Weft Blown.


Cirrus clouds are the wispy clouds high above the other clouds in the sky. They can be small and round in nature, or go off in chaotic directions depending on the wind speed and direction at that level in the sky.

These cushions are inspired by a type of cirrus cloud which is called cirrocumulus clouds that I saw in the sky on one of my morning walks with the Weftwoofs. The rounded texture of the clouds with the sky peeking through gave me the idea for the design for my Cirrus handwoven cushions.

I have handwoven the cushions on my Louët Delta floor loom using 100% Shetland Wool from Jamiesons of Shetland. The removable inner cushion pad is filled with 100% Scottish Wool from UAN Wools.

Each cushion is 14" by 14" square .

To look after your cushion hand wash it in cool water, iron whilst damp and lay flat to dry.

Handwoven in Scotland.

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