Handwoven Scarf - Cirrus Scarf – Weft Blown

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Cirrus Handwoven Scarf




Cirrus Scarf

Handwoven by Weft Blown

Cirrus clouds floating high up against the blue sky are the inspiration behind this handwoven scarf by Weft Blown.

You can see Cirrus clouds in the sky as they drift overhead. They are whispy in appearance but do stand clear against the blue backdrop of the sky.  

The colours in this scarf reflect this contrast between the light and blue. The clouds are represented by a Cheviot wool from Uist Wool, Hand-dyed Indigo Merino wool from The Border Tart and a Swedish wool from Midwinter Yarns holding it all together.

Handwoven in West Kilbride, Craft Town Scotland.

Dimensions: 29 cm wide by 190 cm circumference (not including the fringe).

Care: hand wash only in cool water and iron gently whilst damp.


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