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Arran Handwoven Shetland Wool Blanket

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Arran Shetland Wool Blanket

Handwoven by Weft Blown

The Isle of Arran is an enjoyable sight on my morning walks along the beach with the Weftwoofs and is the inspiration for this handwoven Shetland wool blanket.

The view of the island changes constantly as the weather changes. Sometimes it is shrouded in fog and can't be seen at all, other times you can see the snowy peaks of Goat Fell poking above the cloud. And then there are the beautiful clear days when you can make out the houses just above the shore. 

It is on such a gloriously sunny day as this I took the photo that inspired the colours and textures for this blanket. It starts with the sand a on the beach I'm standing on with the seaweed and rocks and then moves onto the sea and Arran with the deep blue sky above.

The blanket is fully handwoven on my Louët Delta floor loom using 100% Shetland wool sourced from the Shetland Isles.

The blanket size is 1.0m wide by 1.6m long so is perfect for snuggling up under.

The blanket also has matching Arran Cushions which can be bought separately or you can buy the Arran Armchair Set which has the blankets and cushions together.

Handwoven in Scotland using 100% Shetland Wool.

To care for your blanket hand wash it using cool water and then iron whilst damp and then lay flat to dry.

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