Saturday night is alright for dyeing

April 29, 2012

Saturday was the day I was going to dye. Unfortunately, the day turned into it’s usual way where I can barely get things done. So, once the child was tucked up nicely in bed I asked my husband Rob if he wanted to join me in a spot of dyeing. Now, Rob is a pretty awesome person (why I married him I suppose) and he puts up with my fibre and yarn addiction and actively encourages it as well. He also does like taking part in it at the same time and last night we discovered that he really likes dyeing. Below you can see photos of the fun we had and it also shows how Rob dyed the silk hankies and fibre he got to play, and how I did 2 warps that changed colour along the length. Oh, and there was always some more fibre experimentation as well.
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